Om Sai Ram

At Shirdi Saibaba Temple NZ we the devotees of Sai have tried to feel presence of HIM which is possible only with his blessings! This temple is try to gather all alike people in one place. In temple.

We brought Sai statue from Shirid and this has assured original expressions of Shri Saibaba.

In early morning about 5-30 when sun rises and first ray comes on eyes of Shri Sai in the temple, we can feel his presence. Being very peaceful place around, devotees really feel HIS presence many times in the temple.

We are thankful to Trustees who originated the idea and to all who contributed by money or time and special thanks to every devotee.

The temple is now open to all devotees. We are carrying out so many religious events and do best maintain temple in same manner of Shirdi. We also try to follow his principles of Free Food to needy persons and Free Education, other help to needy people. Seva i.e. Service to Poor was his principle. We are trying to follow it.